none of my exes have been the one to break up with me.

…I’m giving very boring answers.


hell fucking no.

oh hi.
I asked my boyfriend if he’d still propose to me with a diamond ring even if I’m okay with cubic zirconia. 
He said he needs to know that an African child had dug up the diamond with his bare hands, only to have been killed by a rebel soldier, who was then murdered by a child soldier who then had his hands chopped off by his guerrilla militant leader who died delivering the cargo to his boss—all so that he could profess my love to me. “That’s how much this is all worth.”
Not verbatim, of course. But yup, that’s my boyfriend.
A car talk.

My boyfriend asked me if it made anything different that I spent half of my high school years secretly crushing (creeping) on him, despite us never having met/spoken even once. 

Of course.

It makes me never want to let go. I mean, to have met once, that’s coincidence. Whatever you do with that person, that’s that. I mean, not that it discounts their relationship or anything. But in this case, it’s all about what you do with it.

If you meet twice, it seems like fate. We had no common friends. We had both gotten fired from the same restaurant prior to meeting. We had both been asked to come back to work prior to meeting. And then we met. And we are perfect together.

Can you imagine the millions upon millions of coincidences which have to have taken place for us to happen? That’s why all of this is so special to me. Thats why it left me speechless except to say,

"Of course."

I’d rather go to HK than EDC.

But we’ll see.

mini-makeover for Fall!

A list of things I plan to do~

  1. Revert hair to (dark?) brown.
    I’ve come to realize that I don’t have what it takes to do red hair justice. I don’t have a good face for make up or anything (oily skin, ugly features, etc) so I’ve decided to just be natural and boring.
  2. Order Geo Wing Honey Brown lenses
    Not sure whatever possessed me to believe that I could ever wear 15mm lenses with limbal rings and crazy gradients. Or those long-ass Dolly Wink lashes that get caught on every-fucking-thing. I just wanted to look cute like Jani.
  3. Pierce cartilage (and?)
    Inspired by my newly discovered fashion idol Mizuhara Kiko, I think I’d like to pierce my cartilage as well as maybe get a couple more on each lobe. I really like her pearl earrings as well. Speaking of which…
  4. Buy a new pair of barbells
    My most recent piercings have healed to the point where I can at least switch out the current barbells for something cuter. I really liked the angel wings Jani showed me, but I feel like pearls would snag less >_<”
  5. Clear out my Saved list on YesStyle. 
    And by clear, I mean through purchase. Bank account suicide. 

And, of course, get leaner. I’ve been trying to eat healthy… I succeed only when my boyfriend isn’t around. He spoils me big time. 

TL;DR: spend all my money.

leather collar came in the mail

and it’s not for the pets ;3

FOREVER ALONE. but this game is so fun!